About Us

The information below will cover the main operations of this website.

About Us

What We Do

Trinispaces.com is an online apartment/house listing website for properties in Trinidad and Tobago. We provide you with the convenience of browsing different apartments/houses without leaving the comfort of your home.

Each listing provides a detailed description and specification of the property as well as everything that comes with it. These aspects include Interior and Exterior photos, Google Maps locations, Video Tours, Features, and more. What makes it even better, is that Trinispaces.com shows the photos, price, main features and part of the description at a glance while a user is scrolling through the listings, rather than just a photo and mini description.

If a user browses to your listing and he/she likes it, they can quickly share it on the social networks, which will make it visible to more people.


What Makes Us Different

The difference between Trinispaces.com and most other Trinidad & Tobago Apartment/House listing websites is that we list your houses and apartments 100% FREE of charge. All you have to do, is send us an email providing us with:

  • Images of the property (interior and exterior)
  • Full address,
  • Features – Number of Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garages, Swimming Pool, Square ft. etc. If you would like to see existing examples to know exactly what features to include in the email, you can view this existing listing and take a look.
  • Detailed description of the property – What you would like potential buyers and tenants to know. Even the smallest detail can be included here since these details can determine whether someone would buy/rent the property.

If you are still unsure about the information that needs to be provided, feel free to use the Contact page on the menu at the top to contact us. From there, we will provide you with the necessary support.

After Trinispaces.com receives the necessary information, your listing will be added as soon as possible.


Get Your Listing Seen By More

Whether you already have property listed on Trinispaces.com or are about to contact us to list a new property, if you would like your listing to get the most amount of views possible,  you can request a space in the “Featured Properties” section or at the main slider, which is the first thing a visitor’s eye would land on when he/she visits the website.

This however, will now be a premium listing and move out of the free listing category. The premium listing period spans monthly, while there are special discounts for more than one month. If a payment is not made to renew a premium listing, your property will still be listed on Trinispaces.com 100% FREE of charge, but it will not be featured on the main slider or on the “Featured Properties” section.


For information and pricing for the premium listings, feel free to contact us as we are always available.


DISCLAIMER: This website acts merely as a method by which perspective buyers and sellers can find each other. I accept no responsibility and/or liability, and any representations made by any persons are not mine. Each user is responsible for ensuring they perform all the proper and legal requirements for any transaction they persue.