Premium Services

Premium Services

While TriniSpaces is a website that is available for use by anyone free of charge, there are some premium options for those who would like to get their listing seen by more via the Featured Listings, Homepage Slider and other advertising options, and also for those who would like to get their listing on a more premium level in terms of the quality.


Get Your Listing Seen By More


Featured Listings

A Featured Listing is shown at the bottom of the homepage at all times. This specific listing will have a much higher chance of being seen when compared to a simple free listing.


Homepage Slider

The Homepage Slider option works by replacing the default slider image on the homepage with your listing. It will show a short description as well as price of the listing, and the entire image of the slider will be an image from your listing.

You can choose whichever of the images from your listing to be used as the homepage slider’s background image. However, this requires an image that is very high in quality and customized specifically to fit the homepage in a way where it will be aesthetically pleasing to the overall look of the website while not affecting the user experience at the same time.

Due to how high of an image quality is required, if you would like your listing on the homepage slider, it has to be reviewed to see if it fits the requirements. If not, you can contact us about one of our other premium services where we come to the location to get high quality photos.


Other Advertising Options

If you would like your listing to be seen by more, but the Featured Listings as well as the Homepage Slider isn’t something you would want, you can also opt for other advertising options.

These include paid promotions of your property listing via all of our supported Social Networks as well as individual extra promotions.



Take Your Listing to the Next Level


High Quality Photos

Realizing that a lot of people would like to utilize the website but are limited to the quality of photos they can supply, assuming they can supply images to start with, we now also offer the service of coming to your location and taking high quality photos of your property.

Currently, these photos are taken with an 18MP Canon T3i DSLR. More than likely, if you would like your listing to be on the Homepage slider, you might have to go this route so the images would look as best as they can.


Video Tour

The premium video tour option is the absolute best way to take your listing to the next level. We come to your location and shoot a high quality video tour of your home/property. This includes the yard, front view of the home, back yard (if necessary) and a full tour of inside the home. The video will be shot with the highest production quality to our ability.

This video tour, in addition to giving your listing an advantage over the other listings, will also give your listing an advantage over other real estate websites as well. It will also allow potential buyers to tour the property without having to leave their home and without having to rely on only photos also.


Please note that due to safety concerns, all services where we come to your property will be dependent on our discretion.

To enquire about any of these services, simply use the contact page, direct email at, or via phone at the phone number on the home page.